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Did you know that Media Services is a full-service marketing company with the knowledge and experience to design and maintain your business web page and social media activities? Clay Cunningham, a Carolina One real estate agent, has enjoyed his experience with Media Services on his website at

“My first lead was a successful sale; I sold a condo to a couple in North Carolina within the first six months of the site,” he said. “In fact, my first three leads gained from the Park West site actually led to sales: the condo sale, a house sale and then the listing of a house and of a condo.”

Cunningham said after a few months, the site started to attract a large amount of traffic.

“Most of the leads have been local,” he said. “I have been corresponding with a guy in New York who hopes to move to the area; there are people who check the site from out of state.”

One of the advantages of the site is that Cunningham gets his leads in real time, without any delay. That means he can address the needs of potential clients right away. He describes this as a great advantage.

“They’re getting an answer back from me within 10 minutes, maybe sooner,” he said with a chuckle. “I always send a personal response, even if I’m out of the office. Timing is everything; it’s best to speak with them while the house buying or selling process is fresh on their mind.”

Cunningham feels that Media Services’ focus on Internet marketing has increased his own marketability and ability to create a buzz in the area. Similarly, the goal for a Media Services website is to provide real estate professionals with strong marketing tools that generate listings.

“The Media Services Web presence is strong,” he said. “Taking advantage by having these sites means more visibility for me. Right now, I’m working on having more of them in other neighborhoods, and I look forward to the results.”

Another advantage of working with Media Services is the blending of print with digital. In Cunningham’s case, an editorial featuring one of his neighborhoods in Park West, Masonborough, appeared in Carolina Homes & Interiors, the company’s flagship publication.

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