Sneads Ferry, NC – Seafood, Fishing, Hiking and More

Sneads Ferry, North Carolina just might be the catch of the day - at least for seafood lovers. A small fishing village located across the Intracoastal Waterway from Topsail Island, it brings in literally boatloads of seafood. The annual catch includes more than 385 tons of shrimp, 25 tons of flounder, and approximately 493 tons of other seafood … [Read more...]

Carolina Beach, North Carolina – The Perfect Place to Spend the Rest of Your Life

The word is out and the verdict is in – small-town charm and warm ocean breezes make Carolina Beach a great place to spend the best years of your life. Crossing the Snow’s Cut Bridge from Wilmington to Pleasure Island and its largest town, Carolina Beach, is a breath of fresh air as you leave the noise and traffic of the city for the serenity of … [Read more...]

Hampstead, NC – Cherishing its History

Hampstead’s popularity today can be attributed in part to the many recreational activities offered in the area. Once only a small fishing village, Hampstead is now in one of the fastest growing areas in North Carolina. Newcomers of all ages are making the quaint little waterfront community their permanent home, and many of them are … [Read more...]

Leland NC, Easy Drive to Top Attractions

Despite its recent growth, the town of Leland, North Carolina, is still a place where a sense of community is central to the well-being of its residents and where the pace of life is slow and pleasant. The number of people calling Leland home has more than quadrupled since the dawn of the new millennium, surprising only those who wonder why the … [Read more...]

Southport, NC, Quintessential Small Southern Town

By a quirk of history, the city of Southport, North Carolina, has retained its idyllic setting to this day. Had the city fathers had their way when the New World was still new, the sleepy little waterfront town would have become the main shipping port in the region. That distinction went instead to Wilmington, and, as a result, Southport remains … [Read more...]

Surf City, Tranquil Beach Home

Rockets that presaged the U.S. government’s space program soared high above the sandy shores of Surf City, North Carolina, more than a half century ago. Today, fewer than 2,000 people call the tranquil beach town home throughout the year, many of them retirees, but the population explodes to well over 10 times that when the Atlantic Ocean’s gentle … [Read more...]

Topsail Beach, Sea Turtles and History

Topsail Island, North Carolina, a little more than 26 miles long, includes three towns–North Topsail Beach, Surf City and Topsail Beach–and some of the best beaches on the East Coast. Topsail Beach, at the island’s southernmost tip, is the most secluded town on the island. A mere 450 people live there full-time, but the population swells to … [Read more...]

Wrightsville Beach, Pristine Beaches and Culture

The Cape Fear Coast will forever be tied to it's centuries-old nautical legacy. Its rich heritage dates back to the early explorers who named the area Cape Fear for its rugged shoals and treacherous waters that even today give the saltiest of sea captains reason to pause. Wrightsville Beach, one of two barrier islands in the mouth of the Cape … [Read more...]

NC’s Wilmington, a Place of History

During the 1990s, Wilmington evolved into one of the fastest-growing retiree havens in the region, a trend that continues today. The warm weather, nearby beaches and rich history of the area draw people from across the country to call this famed Cape Fear River town home. Founded by English settlers in 1739, the coastal outpost struggled … [Read more...]