DSA Master Crafted Doors – Raleigh, Wilmington, NC

Make an Entrance DSA Master Crafted Doors has been designing and creating unique, innovative and virtually hurricane-proof doors for high-end homes for more than a decade, serving the needs of distributors and contractors up and down the East Coast and as far west as Texas. Headquartered in Raleigh, DSA recently opened a new showroom in … [Read more...]

Equity Home Improvement, Myrtle Beach, SC

Hard work, quality craftsmanship and customer service have made Equity Home Improvement a success since its launch four years ago, when an elite team of experienced construction managers left two of America’s most popular big builders and ventured out on their own. Serving the Carolina coastal region from Georgetown and the South Strand to Little … [Read more...]

Clean Breathing, BioSweep Southeast

Hygiene is a major concern for anyone who works or plays in public places. Parents worry about their children at school, in day care and at the playground. Patients and health care workers strive to stop the spread of germs and bacteria at clinics and surgery, long-term care and acute-care centers. BioSweep Southeast is partnering with area … [Read more...]

Seacoast Development of the Carolinas

Life along the Carolina coastline is not all sun, sand and surf. One aspect of living near the water that isn’t all that much fun is the ever present danger of potentially damaging storms looming in the nearby Atlantic Ocean. William Antonucci, chief executive officer of Seacoast Development of the Carolinas and Discount Shutters Direct, knows … [Read more...]

Helping Carolinians Weather The Storm – North Carolina

The residents of only three states, Florida, Texas and Louisiana, face the rage of hurricanes more often than North Carolina, which followed South Carolina’s lead by passing House Bill 1305. The legislation provides discounts on homeowners insurance to those who retrofit their homes to be stronger and safer during a storm. The program went into … [Read more...]

Helping Carolinians Weather The Storm – South Carolina

Property owners blessed with the beauty of the Carolina coast also are cursed by the threat of the real possibility of serious wind damage. Their plight is especially uncertain during the hurricane season, June 1 through Nov. 30, when they must watch and wait as potentially devastating storms roll across the Atlantic Ocean, eventually dissipating, … [Read more...]

Certified Wind Inspectors

Staying true to your word can make or break your business, and Compass Designs, a general and electrical contractor serving Horry, Marion and Georgetown counties in South Carolina, has repeatedly proven that it is up to the task. “Instilling trust is important, and it is how we operate,” said Dan Bowden, co-owner of Compass Designs. “It is how … [Read more...]