Walterboro, South Carolina

In 1784, when rice plantation owners began looking for the ideal place for their summer homes in what is now Colleton County, they chose a pleasant, wooded area and named it Hickory Valley. Forty-two years later, bearing the name of two of its original settlers, Paul and Jacob Walters, Walterboro was incorporated. Many of the homes built more … [Read more...]

Seabrook Island, Resort & Retiring Destination

Barely four miles long and less than a half mile wide, Seabrook Island is among the most exclusive resort and retirement destinations in the Carolinas. Originally inhabited by Native Americans, the island, located 23 miles south of downtown Charleston, was claimed by Lt. Col. Robert Sanford in 1666 for England’s King Charles. It was known then … [Read more...]

Santee, Fishing, Shopping, Golf and More

Santee is perfectly situated, with its proximity to two major interstates and a major north/south artery. You could almost say that all roads lead to Santee. The earliest known residents were the Santee Indians, who lived on the banks of a river by the same name. Two centuries later, Santee was an important defense against the British troops … [Read more...]

St. George, Town of Friendly People

At one time it was determined that the residents of St. George consumed more grits per capita than anywhere else in the world. No wonder, then, that this small town south of Charleston bills itself as the "Grits Capital of the World." In fact, each April, the town hosts the "World Grits Festival." St. George offers its residents a fine array of … [Read more...]

North Charleston, Home of North Charleston Coliseum, Stingrays

With a growing reputation as one of South Carolina’s latest boom towns, North Charleston has proven to be an excellent place to live and visit. Split between three counties, Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester, just north of the city of Charleston, the area was comprised mostly of plantations prior to the Civil War. The area eventually was … [Read more...]

Kiawah Island, The Ultimate in Private Island Living

It hasn’t been long since Kiawah Island was an overgrown hunting reserve accessible only by boat. Today, the exclusive island retreat, located 30 miles from historic downtown Charleston, is home to some of the most valuable real estate in the Southeast. The Vanderhorst family, of Charleston, owned the 10-mile-long barrier island for almost two … [Read more...]

Johns Island, Pastoral Paradise

Much of South Carolina and North Carolina have seen a population boom in recent years, with builders putting up housing developments as quickly as possible, then moving on to the next project. Despite its proximity to Charleston, Johns Island, located just across the Stono River, has retained its pastoral charm, a veritable sea of tranquility … [Read more...]

James Island, Family-oriented

James Island, just across the river from Charleston, has a long history of conflict. Early on the morning of April 12, 1861, Confed­erate troops in Fort Johnson, on the northern tip of the island opened fire on the Union forces in Fort Sumter, sparking the bloodiest war in Ameri­can history. In fact, James Island was the primary battleground … [Read more...]

Folly Beach, The Edge of America

Folly Beach was not always the laid-back beach town it is today. In the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, carnival rides and big band leaders such as Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey attracted crowds to the island now known as “The Edge of America” from up and down the East Coast. By day, visitors would lie in the sun and play in the warm waters of the … [Read more...]

Edisto Island, Independent and Easygoing

Legend has it that, as delegates from across South Carolina gathered to debate seceding from the United States in 1861, the representative from Edisto Island leapt to his feet and declared that if South Carolina did not vote for immediate secession, then, by God, Edisto Island would secede by itself. We all know what happened after that. Even … [Read more...]