Real Estate Agent on the Web

Clay Cunningham ~ CAROLINA ONE REAL ESTATE Did you know that Media Services is a full-service marketing company with the knowledge and experience to design and maintain your business web page and social media activities? Clay Cunningham, a Carolina One real estate agent, has enjoyed his experience with Media Services on his website at … [Read more...]

What Will Grants Pay For?

As of December 2010, the SC Safe Home program had provided approximately $6.1 million in grants to 1,429 homeowners in Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Jasper, Marion and Williamsburg counties. Qualified Improvements for the SC Safe Home program: • Roof/deck attachment; • Secondary water … [Read more...]

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

Category 1: Winds 74-95 miles per hour • primarily affects shrubbery, tree foliage and unanchored mobile homes. Category 2: Winds 96-110 miles per hour • considerable damage to shrubbery and tree foliage • some trees blown down • major damage to exposed mobile homes • no major damage to buildings • some damage to roofing materials of buildings … [Read more...]