Tidewater Charity Golf Tournament, A Helping Hand

A five-day event that will feature a fierce battle on the golf course and raise money for Horry County, South Carolina, charities is set for this September. The third annual Tidewater Charity Golf Tournament, part of the Sunbelt Senior Tour, will draw some of the area’s top senior pros September 4 through September 6, but it will also provide … [Read more...]

Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation, Neighbor Helping Neighbor

In an era when the neighbor-helping-neighbor concept has all but disappeared, is it possible for an entire community to band together to make a difference? The answer is a resounding “yes,” at least at Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation on South Carolina’s Grand Strand. Community activism is not required of the homeowners in Tidewater, but they … [Read more...]

Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation Lifestyles

Lois and Joe Aldinger live comfortably in Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation. They bought their fairway home site on their first visit to the development in 1994, and they have never looked back. If anything, they look ahead... to a day on the beach at the Tidewater coastal cabana located on the oceanfront in North Myrtle Beach ... to at least … [Read more...]